Brad’s Pants

First show: Oct 21, 2016

I joined Sonic Transducers in Washington DC as a props/stage hand, and Transylvanian. My second night I got promoted to Trixxie. A couple of months later I was asked to do Crim and Doctor Scott. I spent 3 years doing stage combat with a traveling troupe going to various Celtic Fairs. I also have done puppetry, stage managed, sound tech, light tech, assistant director and assistant producer starting in 2009 until 2014 when I was asked if I would move to Roanoke for my fiancé’s job. I was cast as Space Lattis for Lost Skeleton and Yvette for Clue. Looking to do Rocky and Riff. I am expanding on my geekdoms.

Interests are friends, holidays, family, reading, Muffin (8 year old Corgi)