First show: Feb 26, 2016

Bio: It was great when it all began…in 2005 being introduced to Rocky Horror (and thrown on stage as Magenta) by the Cepheid Variable cast at Texas A&M University as an innocent freshman. Since then I have spent my years time warping with Los Bastardos of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, contemplating the Tolls of Madness in Blacksburg, VA, and acting as Co-Director of the Charming Underclothes based in Roanoke, VA. When not indulging in the sins of the flesh, I am a book devourer, mountain climber, strategic gamer, and avid pet snuggler.

Turn Ons: Rocky Virgins, Fuzzy Socks, Gingers, Nerds, Art Nouveau, Leather, Moscow Mules, and Old Bookstores

RHPS Characters played: Magenta, Janet, Criminologist, Trixxie, Riff Raff

Alternative Shadowcast Performances: Mrs. Peacock in Clue, Lattis / Targasso in The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Ginger Spice in Spice World, Dr. Jillian Holtzmann in Ghostbusters, Goblin / Firey / Vagina Dentata in Labyrinth, Can-Can dancer Juno in Moulin Rouge.