First show: Feb 26, 2016

I remember doing the Time Warp back in October 2005. That’s when I first joined The Fishnet Mafia, the cast in Columbus, OH. I drank those moments till October 2011, when I performed my last show with them. I ended up moving to VA just a couple months later. The blackness would hit me until July 2015, when MystiCon secured the rights and Charming Underclothes was formed!

Riff Raff is my main role on the RHPS stage. I also play Dr. Roger Fleming in The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and Mr. Green in Clue.

Outside of Rocky Horror, I am a mixshow DJ and remixer (2009-present) and also the Music Director for MystiCon (2013-present). I share music credits with darkNES as a part-time Gothsicle (The Gothsicles live roster) and also with our own project, Khionik. Angel from Gild The Mourn and I have Mourning Starr. There’s also a few album credits with various artists that I’ve remixed. And now, I’ve made my way from stage to screen as “The Peruser” in the upcoming 7th Guest series, coming soon from Darkstone Entertainment.