Audience Participation

Note: This guide is written for the Rocky Horror audience, but we do try to apply it to other movies when applicable.


Richie Muenster describes the ancient ritual.

"You've arrived on a rather special night."

  • If you've never seen a live show before, you will be labeled.
  • Seeing it at home does not count. That's like masturbation. It's never as good as the real thing.
  • This is the Rocky Horror hazing ritual.
  • When we call on you, please come up to the stage
  • If you can't have fun with it, please stay in your seat.
  • Cause if you not having fun, the cast isn't having fun.
  • And if the cast isn't having fun, nobody gets laid!
  • People that have seen multiple shows are called Sluts.
  • This is now your goal in life.

We have applied these terms to our other movies -

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra: Boners

Clue: Victims

Hocus Pocus: Virgins

Repo! The Genetic Opera: Victims

The Wonderful Billy Flynn is playing games with costumed characters.

"Formal dress is to be optional."

  • Toga! Toga! Toga!
  • Come as a movie character.
  • Or be your own person.
  • Corsets and fishnets are always sexy.
  • So is your underwear.
  • Be comfortable with yourself.
  • Be comfortable around other people.
  • Privates stay private during the show.
  • They can become public after the show.

Pattycakes and Kitty Pride give a very special birthday surprise.

"Come, we are ready for the floor show."

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical movie.
  • We encourage you to sing the songs.
  • We especially want you to dance The Time Warp!
  • You can interact with the cast.
  • The cast will be interacting with you (with consent, of course).
  • Just let it happen (if you allow it).
  • This is our mating ritual.
  • The movie is shown in Feel-Around.
  • We invite you to stay for our next motion picture presentation: Deep Throat.

Caption this!

"Whole pieces seem to fit into place."

  • You can yell back at the screen!
  • Or the audience.
  • Sometimes the cast.
  • Use your old favorites.
  • Make up new ones.
  • They vary among different casts.
  • They vary among different cities.
  • We are a different cast in a different city.
  • Let there be lips: The Ultimate Callback Script

Throwing a Transylvanian party.

"Great Scott!"

  • You can throw stuff in the air!
  • Just not at the screen.
  • Never at the cast.
  • Buy them at the show.
  • They contain everything you need.
  • Please see a cast member for details.
  • Each cast member has different needs.
  • Our bags include items that are regulated by the venues we perform at.
  • Collect them all!
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