The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Sony Pictures / Tri-Star

Supreme shock sensation of our time!

We are honored to be the very first cast to perform this cinematic classic! We are also very grateful and humbled by all of the support and appreciation we have gotten from the actors in the movie. Our debut show was attended by the film’s prop designer, Cortney Skinner, who brought us the actual Mutant headpiece to use, which he also designed and fabricated for the movie.



I think somebody ate too fast.



Fay Masterson … Betty Armstrong
Andrew Parks … Kro-Bar
Susan McConnell … Lattis
Brian Howe … Dr. Roger Fleming
Jennifer Blaire … Animala
Larry Blamire … Dr. Paul Armstrong
Dan Conroy … Ranger Brad
Robert Deveau … The Farmer
Darrin Reed … The Mutant
And Introducing … The Skeleton