Cortney Skinner

Mutant Maker and Prop Design (The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra)

Cortney Skinner showing us some of the marketing media that he’s created for The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. RavenCon 2017

In the weeks leading up to RavenCon 2017, the news of us being the first cast to perform The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra was getting around to the actual cast of the movie! Larry Blamire had posted about it on Facebook, which then also got us in touch with Susan McConnell, Robert Deveau, Andrew Parks, and Cortney Skinner. It turned out that Cortney and his wife, Elizabeth, live here in Virginia and wanted to come out for the performance.

Since most all of our Skeleton activities were on Saturday, Cortney and Elizabeth came out for the whole day and spent it with us. The first thing we did was a Cult Movie panel where we got to introduce Cortney and give him the floor for a bit. Then afterward, we headed back to our room.

The cast with Cortney, the Mutant, and a signed press photo. RavenCon 2017

This is where the surprises happened…

Cortney has a couple of boxes with him, and in the first one was several Lost Skeleton collectibles that he had made for the original screening tour of the movie. This included: buttons, finger puppets, postcards, ribbons, and masks. And then there was a surprise attack by the one-and-only actual Mutant head from the movie! We got to use an actual movie costume piece in our debut performance!!


And there’s more…

Cortney even presented the cast with an autographed press photo of The Marvan Mutant, that’s complemented with one of the leaves from the costume.

Then it was showtime. Cortney and Elizabeth took front row and we made sure to involve him when we could. He has stated that he loves us and the performance that we did. He was very impressed with our costume and prop recreations that we did from only having a copy of the movie to go by. And he has said that it brought a tear to see the Mutant back in action after all these years.

After the show, we were invited to be on Guardians of the Geekery podcast, where Cortney joined some of the cast to give a review of our show. It was on there that we officially made him our second honorary cast member.

Cortney and the cast recording the Guardians of the Geekery podcast. RavenCon 2017

Like a mutant? Can anyone like a mutant? I wonder.

Yes, we can. In fact, we love him very much!