Jason Carter

Ranger Marcus Cole (Babylon 5)

Ending the karaoke night pre-party for MystiCon 2017, by singing “The Time Warp”. Jason Carter was our Criminologist.

Jason Carter was one of the Media Guests of Honor at MystiCon 2017. We first got to meet him during the Thursday night singing social, which is the convention pre-party at the hotel bar which also included karaoke. The cast was brought up to close out the night with “The Time Warp” which included Jason as The Criminologist! After that, we took some pictures and invited him up to our room where we were having a private party. He came up and a good time was had by all.

Jason Carter on stage awaiting his devirginization. MystiCon 2017

Friday was the official start of the convention and we were performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show that night. Jason showed up to the show and on top of that, we got to devirginize him! He was part of our ‘Lady and the Twizzler’ game and he won, so he became our Betty for the wedding scene.



It’s Jason Carter doing The Time Warp that really drives you insane. MystiCon 2017

He was there throughout the entire show and we made sure to give him special attention. After the show, we thanked him for being there and made him our first Honorary cast member. Even though he had other obligations throughout the weekend, he actually hung around with us quite a bit. A very memorable weekend to celebrate our first anniversary!

Bee Delacour sits on Jason before going home, as Ginger Snaps cries into the light. MystiCon 2017

Babylon Control to Roanoke… …your ship is out of control.