The Library Bards

Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret

That is Xander and that is Bonnie, and they are The Library Bards! MystiCon 2018

We had an opening act for The Rocky Horror Comic Book Show at MystiCon 2018, and we couldn’t of been more pleased and honored for it to be The Library Bards! They were as excited to be with us as we were with them. It was a very epic evening for both the cast and audience to see them perform many of their songs from “Bardcore” and also a brand new song from the upcoming album.

Since we were doing a comic book theme show, we did have a Harley Quinn and Joker in the cast. But, that crazy couple’s spotlight really came on during The Library Bards’ performance of “Black and Red”. It was so touching that it also moved another Harley that was in our audience! Even our Batman teared up a little.

“Another fanboy’s broken heart is now broke-er. Because the Harley on the Con floor has a Joker.” MystiCon 2018

After their set was done, we went on to start our pre-show. The Library Bards joined us onstage for the Pledge and we presented them with a show prop that was signed by the entire cast. They stayed for the show and had a great time. Saturday night was also a fun night, as we all got to really hang out and party together. They’ve won the hearts of the cast and we can’t wait to join up with them again. They are truly a memorable experience!