Friends with Benefits

  • Angel Metro
  • Angela Pritchett
  • Carla Brindle
  • Cortney Skinner
  • Darkstone Entertainment
  • Jarod Kearney
  • Jason Carter
  • Pickle Shots
  • Shane
  • The Library Bards

As we make our way across the stages of our performances, we have had the honor to hook-up with some wonderful people for the night. Since we still respected each other in the morning, the cast has decided to make them honorary members.

Everyone here has taken part in some form or fashion to make our shows extra special. They are always welcome to spend time with us but they know that there are no strings attached.

We have known Angel Metro for a while and since 2017, she has been part of our team. It was that year that she helped us out with marketing and making connections.

In 2019, we finally were able to join forces when her band opened up for our REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA performance. In return, she was cast as the "Joan Jett" role for that same show.

Angela Pritchett is another long-time friend of ours and has always been there to show her support. We would find her at our shows and also at our cast parties. So, we figured it was time for you to find her on our stage.

As our Senior Ukulesecretary to the Minister for Music, she wrock'ed at THE ROCKY HOGWARTS PICTURE SHOW that we performed in 2019.

If it wasn't for Carla Brindle, there wouldn't be any Charming Underclothes. Well, at least in a cast form. We're sure she would still be wearing them, but that's for a different website.

Anyways, she's the one that made it all happened back in 2015. This is why the MystiCon shows is always our anniversary celebration and you are invited to the party for some cake.

Soon after it was announced that we were performing THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA, Cortney Skinner had announced that he was coming out to see it. He is the prop designer and the Mutant maker for the movie.

What we didn't know is that he was bringing us several collectibles and even the actual Mutant head to wear in the show. We got to spend some time hanging out with him and then he joined us in the front row. He even appeared on a podcast with us. We all still keep in touch but from now on, we'll stick to performing, and leave the alien mutant to the expert!

You may know Darkstone Entertainment from such features as Spade, FearFighter, Gravebit, or even Plan 9. But, what you probably didn't know is that John and Mariah Johnson were the ones that introduced us to the IX Art Park (our Charlottesville venue).

Both have been part of our shows in different ways. John was celebrated in the first IX showing of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Mariah joined our REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA as her Dr. Ella Mental character from their Mad Lab Picture Show series. Some of our cast has also been part of theirs. Look for us appearing in 7th Guest: The Series, Rifters, A Coven Clandestine, Skeleton Key Pi, and The Frights.

Jarod Kearney is the one that makes us look so good. This master photographer has been at some of the same conventions that we perform at and the time in front of his camera is always great and amazing.

We did bring him into our REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA as the event paparazzo. When he's not spending his time as a shutterbug, he is beating down his boogie in Mario Warfare.

Jason Carter (Ranger Marcus Cole on Babylon 5) was one of the media guests at MystiCon 2017. We actually got to hang out and party with him on Thursday, which also included singing "The Time Warp" for karaoke.

He also came to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW that we performed on Friday night. On top of that, he took part in our pre-show games and won. Therefore, he was also in our show as Betty Hapschatt. Babylon Control to Roanoke... your ship is out of control.

We have had the intoxication of Pickle Shots since our performance of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at RavenCon 2019. She has been with us for a few shows since then and it's always a party when she is around.

From her times of helping us out as a stage assistant, she can tell you some wild stories at our after party. So for that, we make this toast to you.

Shane is on loan to us from Transylvanian Concubines, his home cast in Fairfax, VA. We were able to bring him out to perform with us in REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. We highly recommend his services and we hope to have him back soon. But until then, he spends his weekends as The Criminologist on his own stage.

That is Bonnie Gordon. That is Xander Jeanneret. And they are... The Library Bards. And we got to meet them at MystiCon 2018, where they opened up for THE ROCKY HORROR COMIC BOOK SHOW.

At RavenCon 2019, we reunited with them and got to perform together once again. They took on the parts of "takeover Riff and Magenta" and then left to sing and dance once more to a parodied refrain.

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