Audience Participation

Note: This guide is written for the Rocky Horror audience, but we do try to apply it to other movies when applicable.

The Wonderful Billy Flynn is playing games with costumed characters.

Formal dress is to be optional.

  • Toga! Toga! Toga!
  • Come as a movie character.
  • Or, be your own person.
  • Corsets and fishnets are always sexy.
  • So is your underwear.
  • You can put on some makeup.
  • And pull the wig down from the shelf.
  • Privates stay private during the show.
  • They become public at the after-party.
You’ve arrived on a rather special night.

  • If you’ve never seen a live show before, you will be labeled.
  • Seeing it at home does not count. That’s like masturbation. It’s never as good as the real thing.
  • This is the Rocky Horror hazing ritual.
  • When we call on you, please come up to the stage.
  • If you can’t have fun with it, please stay in your seat.
  • Cause if you not having fun, the cast isn’t having fun.
  • And if the cast isn’t having fun, nobody gets laid!
  • People that have seen multiple shows are called Sluts.
  • This is now your goal in life.

Richie Muenster describes the ancient rituals.

Come, we are ready for the floor show.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical movie.
  • We encourage you to sing the songs.
  • We especially want you to dance The Time Warp!
  • You can interact with the cast.
  • The cast will be interacting with you.
  • Just let it happen.
  • This is our mating ritual.
  • The movie is shown in Feel-Around.
  • We invite you to stay for our next motion picture presentation: Deep Throat.
Whole pieces seem to fit into place.

  • You can yell back at the screen!
  • Or the audience.
  • Sometimes the cast.
  • Use your old favorites.
  • Make up new ones.
  • They vary among different casts.
  • They vary among different cities.
  • We are a different cast in a different city.
  • Let there be lips: The Ultimate Callback Script

I can see the flag fly, I can see the rain…

Great Scott!

  • You can throw stuff in the air!
  • Just not at the screen.
  • Never at the cast.
  • Buy them at the show.
  • They contain everything you need.
  • Please see a cast member for details.
  • Each cast member has different needs.
  • Our bags include the following: pom-poms, newspaper, noise makers, party hats, toilet paper, and playing cards. These are regulated by the venues we perform at.
  • Collect them all!