Rules and Regulations

Note: This guide is written mostly for the Rocky Horror audience, but we do try to apply it to other movies when applicable.

October is coming!


  1. Have fun!
    We are going to give you a night out that you will remember for a very long time.
  2. Be creative!
    Put on some makeup. Turn on the tape deck. Put the wig back on your head.
  3. Have an open mind!
    We are going to show you things that you’ve never seen before. Gonna make you say, ooh, oh, oh, feel so good to me.
  4. Be accepting!
    We’re going to give you things that you’ve never got before. Don’t worry. There have been numerous breakthroughs in medical research.
  5. Dance to the music!
    The Time Warp is for everyone.


  1. You must be of proper age to get into the show.
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a rated R movie and the age restrictions are set by the individual places.
  2. Stay off the stage.
    Unless you were selected by a cast member to showcase your talents.
  3. Do not throw things at the cast.
    Unless it’s money. We prefer dollar bills.
  4. Do not throw things at the screen.
    You break it, you buy it.
  5. Keep things covered.
    If you would like to get fully naked later, please talk to the cast after the show.